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I hate how society works. Everybody expects you to be, and do everything according to morbid normality's that go beyond being stupid. I feel like morality today is so twisted, and being an honest, true person in today's world is so misconstrued. It's like if you're not "politically correct" you're considered and asshole type of thing.

Well anyway today me and my husband were asked by our friends for dinner. It sounded like a lot of fun so we went. We met up with them, and a couple of their other friends (who I knew from my previous work place). It didn't start off very well, everyone decided they wanted to get wasted, which I guess isn't a big deal, because it was a pub after all, but what really annoyed me was the constant yelling all over the room. Random people blurting their "fuck you's" to other random people. Some random drunk guy in the background punching a lotto machine dubbing it as a piece of shit, it was just ridiculous. Of course, this is normally what pubs are, and this is normally how most people act in pubs I suppose. But I just can't wrap my mind around why people would find this kind of behavior "cool". Why is it cool to bitch out a random stranger for no apparent reason to kick their ass? Why is it cool to make it as obvious as possible that you're checking out some other chicks boobs? What if she's not into men, or what if she's married or has children? To me it just seems almost degrading that it's okay to call a stranger "babe" and tell her you want her digits, when she didn't even offer them to you.

Don't get me wrong, I don't see anything wrong in asking a girl if you can have her number but to hear another guy yelling across the room, making sure all of his friends could hear it, "Hey baby, give me your digits!" It's repulsive.

And apparently being repulsive is contagious, around that time one of the guys at my table stands up and points at me and asks, "Are you pregnant again? Because you look pregnant."

Okay, sorry but you just made yourself look like a total asshole, which is exactly what you are. I had so many vulgarities, I wanted to spit at him that I didn't know where to start, and decided he wasn't worth my energy so I just ended up saying, "Check please?"

Women, as I have said before are beautiful in all shapes in sizes. Whether they be a size 3 or a size 24 it doesn't matter. A lot of times I feel like I should have just been born in a different era.

Once upon a time, there were gentlemen who considered plus size women beautiful, and called them curvy and voluptuous. Not "whale" or "fat girl" They used to open doors, and always made sure that the lady was attended to first, whether they were even dating or not. Today you can't even give a girl a sincere complement without coming off as "flirty" or "creepy". A guy can't just tell a girl, that her earrings are pretty or whatever, because then his friends will joke and call him a fag or something obnoxiously immature to that.

If you feel sorry for someone or show any sign of empathy it's considered being weak like everyone has to live by the philosophy survival of the fittest and if you're not what society expects you to be, then you're not of worth. Maybe this is why I've been so reclusive lately. After having my baby, I've thought more in depth about our society, and the way the world works, it's just sickening to me. I hate to think this is what my daughter has to look forward to. It makes me sad to think I'm going to have to teach her that people in the world are cruel, and hateful, and she's gotta learn to bite back, even at an early age.

I'm tired of watching by-standers when someone is in need. I've decided the next time I see someone that needs help, even if it's as simple as helping them open a door, I want to be there.

Anyways I know I didn't really stay on topic, and I'm just kinda everywhere with this right now..not really the way I wanted to start my blog off but, this is what's been on my mind!


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