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Everyone has dreams and ideas and philosophies. I think it's good to be a dreamer, and if you are, then that means that you have faith in things, even when others might not. WELL :) I believe in mermaids, and it's not because I have any physical proof, or any real scientific ideas to back me up on that. I just believe mermaids are real because I choose to :p They are my favorite creature (as far as "mythology" goes) Of course, you got your vampires, werewolves, sea monsters, genies, aliens (which are real too), and all the other different ones out there, but mermaids are special :D I think mermaids are the scariest of all these creatures. Of course, I'm not talking about your typical Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" I'm talking about REAL mermaids. The ones that sit on ocean boulders waiting for captains, and fishermen to sail by as they sing their song so beautiful, magical, and powerful, that it causes them to fall in love with them. And just when they think it's safe to pull them on the boat and they lure them in, they forcefully plunge them down to the depths of the sea, and feast on their helpless bodies >:D lol ok....but no really, I really like mermaids. I think they're awesome, and they are by far the scariest thing in the watch out if you ever decide to go for a midnight swim o,o


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