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Okay, so me and my husband decided that we are going to move out of our apartment and back into my parents house. We just had a baby 3 months ago, and now realize it is soo expensive trying to live for three people, these are some reasons for why we are moving back in.
1. Better for the baby - My parents spend so much time with our daughter, she sleeps in their room, they watch her a lot during the day, and this is easier on all of us because my parents before hand were always like every grandparent: we don't see her enough, when are you going to bring her over ect..and they help out so much by buying her formula, diapers, and other essentials. Don't get me wrong, me and my husband of course are going to buy her essentials too, it's not all gonna be just my parents bc after all she is our daughter lol. I really like spending time with my daughter, and my family as a whole, and this way makes it so much easier.
2. The cost of living in our apartment is around $700 dollars. That's not including groceries, utilities, baby costs, ect.. where-as we can move in with my parents, pay them $500.00 a month and they cover EVERYTHING. This gives me and my husband more money to go back to school, get money saved back for important things, or if an emergency comes up ect..
but when I do move back in there are so many things that I want to do for my parents..not all parents in America are willing to let their children live with them for as long as they want, and be willing to help take care of their kids all the time. This is what I would like to do in turn for my family.
1. start helping a LOT more with choirs. I really have no excuse for mom is ALWAYS doing the dishes, doing laundry, taking care of the house, it's time that I started helping her out, and stop leaving the house the first thing I wake up in the day!
2. I need to spend more time with my daughter. I know I already spend a lot of time with her, but I'm worried that if I don't spend more time with her than my parents she's not going to know which one is her real mom. So I need to spend as much time with my daughter AS POSSIBLE. When we get our bed moved back in I'm also going to start putting her in our room, so I can take care of her at nights.
3. Buy more baby stuff - My parents go to walmart on a daily basis, so it's almost impossible for me to ever go out and buy my baby formula and diapers, because they've already done it. When I try to give them money by paying them back they won't accept it. So I just gotta get up before they do and start paying for my baby stuff.
4. Buy more things for my parents. I feel terrible because I haven't bought my dad something in so long that I can't even remember. The same for my mom. It was father's day and I couldn't even buy my dad a simple card because I was flat out broke! This year I plan on buying my dad a laptop, and get my mom a really nice shopping card for the whole year.

Hopefully I can make all these things happen, it would make me a lot happier if I could get this stuff done. There are a lot of things I wanna do this year involving moving.

1. I want to remodel our bedroom. It's mostly just wood and ply-board. I want to paint the walls, the ceiling, and put some tile on the floor.
2. I want to buy more furniture pieces. I really want to get a dresser that me and Raymond can both put our stuff in, I want to buy a desk, for homework, and other school stuff, I want to buy a mini refrigerator so Raymond will stop taking my dads food that my mom buys just for him!!

I have a lot of goals that I want to accomplish this's just getting around and getting them done..


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