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1. Special K Berries and Yogurt Cereal - I love this cereal because it taste so freakin' good! I was worried about gaining baby weight after having my daughter back in March of this year so right after I had her I immediately started dieting. This cereal is fantastic if you're craving something sweet and you're really hungry. It completely got rid of my hunger and it's only 160 calories with milk.

2. Dove White Soap - I love this soap. I love it so much I craved it during my pregnancy. This soap smells so good, and it makes me feel so clean! Every time I lather myself in it I feel like I'm completely cleansing my skin of all the dirt and grime and it's also been scientifically proven that it works, but it's not chemically harsh on your skin. Compared to other soaps it is very gentle. Instead of breaking your skin cells up and drying it out, it actually puts more moisture back in your pores. The best part is it's only $1.97 for three bars at Wal-Mart!

3. My Bathing Suit - I know this is kind of silly because I don't really know what brand it is, much less even remember how much it costs but I got my bathing suit from Wal-Mart and I love it! It's a deep peach color (pastel springy color) and it has ripples that go across the stomach to make it look more flattering when you put it on. The best part I like about it is, I have a really big problem with most bathing suits because I am very big chested and most bathing suits make me sag big time! This suit has a really cute vintage ribbon that ties around the back of the neck and keeps me held up and I don't have to worry about pulling my chest up every 5 seconds.

4. Coochy Cream - This stuff is one of my absolute favorites of this year. The stuff is amazing. It is made specifically for women who like to shave down under. I've reviewed the product and tried it myself, I can guarantee you, it will not cause chaffing, you won't be left with ingrown hairs, no pain, no itch. It's wonderful! The best way I can really explain it is it works like a lotion. You rub the lotion in and then shave. You don't have to rinse, just rub the lotion in after all the hair is gone, and it comes in a bunch of different fragrances for all skin types, and it's very refreshing. I love this stuff.

5. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - This is the only nail polish I have found yet that I can guarantee your nail polish will not chip. It's a little big more pricier than other nail polishes you find it your local superstore, but really it's worth it because you don't have to scrub it off and redo them all over again because the polish chipped. Another thing is it strengthens your nails and the polish is not only the coater but it's the primer as well, so you're also saving nail polish by only applying one coat per nail and not having to worry about going back over it. Really good nail polish.

6. My Fitness Pal - This is one of my favorite phone apps as well as one of my favorite healthy sites. I like it because not only does it help you keep track of the calories you've had, it also helps keep you in track of your daily weight and whether your losing or gaining. I like how after I finish my food log it tells me how many weeks or months it would be if every day were like the day I ate. Whether it be 160 lbs in 3 weeks or 160 lbs in 5 weeks :)

7. Wen Shampoo - I'm going to start by saying this product is a little over rated. It's not the most amazing hair product in the market as they say, but it's pretty good. I had a big problem with it in the beginning because it doesn't lather, but I soon got over that. It's really more of a conditioner than it is a shampoo, and you're still supposed to shampoo with your normal hair shampoo, it's just suppose to reduce the usage of normal shampoo. So basically you use your normal shampoo maybe once a week? I do like this stuff though because it makes my hair feel really clean, and I like that it's bouncy after it dries. It leaves your hair feeling really silky and soft even after you dye the shit out of it, use a bunch of hot irons, and hairspray (I know this because I did it). So if you want to give your hair a break and help it repair itself this is the way to go.

8. Neutrogena Tan Spray - First off, I am not a big fan of tanning. I think white skin is beautiful and if you do have white skin, you should be flaunting it, and not trying to cover it up with fake chemicals HOWEVER if you are having those rare blue moons where you want to have a fading tint, (for some reason I sometimes like doing this on a rainy day) then this is a good product to use. It doesn't go on dark, it starts off really light, and gives you a really subtle "skin kissed" effect. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite and makes you look thinner than you might actually be. I've never had a streaking problem with this stuff, and it doesn't smell nasty!! :p

9. Big Sexy Hair - I recently just cut my bangs, and I'll be the first to say I HATE when my bangs split around my face. When I have bangs I like them to be straight all the way across with no openings to show any forehead skin. I know that is completely stupid and it doesn't matter at all, but it's one of my biggest pet peeves because I have strange OCD's sometimes. If you have my problem, or you just want a hair spray product to really keep your hair in place this stuff works. You're hair is not gonna move no matter how hard the wind blows it!

10. Propel Kiwi and Strawberry Water - I hate water. I think it's one of the most nastiest taste in the world, because I completely live on soda. The problem with soda is, it has no good nutrients for your body, and it's basically nothing more than an unnatural toxin in your body. I really have been wanting to detox lately and in order to do that I gotta lay off the pop. I recently came across the stuff, and I absolutely love it. It taste like Kool-Aid, it's sweet, has 0 calories, and the best part for me is I could drink it all day and I'm cleaning my body out! :D

Okay, well, that's all of it! :) I hope you guys liked my random list!
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